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Brakes , Suspension , Clutch

At JS Autocare, we use genuine OE (original manufacturers’ equipment) parts for all your car and van repairs.

And what’s more, we guarantee to beat any like for like quote from any ‘fast fit’ or main dealer garage in the Chorley, or Buckshaw area.

We back ourselves to give you highly competitive prices, as well as the assurance of a high quality service and an honest appraisal of your vehicle servicing requirements.

Giving you the best of brakes

  • Do your brakes feel a bit spongy or grinding?
  • When did you last change your brake fluid or get replacement discs or pads?
  • Did you know replacement brake fluid is required every 20,000 miles on all modern cars?
  • If your suspension is knocking, could it be that you have broken springs or new shock absorbers?
  • Are your gears grinding, is your clutch slipping and needs replacing?

All of these factors are important not just for road safety but also for better economy on running your vehicle – getting these fixed now saves money in the longer term, so don’t be fooled by the false economy of ignoring problems with your car or van.  Whatever your requirements we can help keep you, your vehicle and other motorists safely on the road.

The most important parts of any vehicle are the suspension, clutch and braking components.  They are there to help you and quite often literally save lives.

Defective braking systems could result in a serious accident, leaving your vehicle a mangled mess – and spare a thought for your own health and safety and care for fellow drivers.

Poor shock absorbers or cracked and worn springs can be a disaster waiting to happen – hit a bad pothole or bump in the road and you could find yourself careering into the verge.

A clutch slipping means you lose power and vehicle economy, and a fully worn clutch renders the car completely inoperable!

Any part of a motor vehicle with an emphasis on safety should be regularly inspected for operation and wear, and any work carried out should only ever be done by trained technicians.

So for free brake and suspension checks with every service,

Call JS Autocare on 01257 367 839.