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Brakes, Discs, Pads, Handbrake.

Car and van brake diagnosis, repairs and replacement brake fitting from the Brake experts, JS Autocare in Chorley, on the A6 next to doorway to value, just near Buckshaw village.

Brakes are the most important component on your vehicle, without brakes you can’t stop the vehicle….

We can replace brake pads, brake disks, brake shoes, Perform a brake fluid test &, replace brake wear sensors, handbrake including electronic handbrakes on modern cars & ABS faults, all your vehicle braking systems are covered.

We always fit Genuine O.E quality parts every time, why would you risk anything else being used on such important components ?

Brake disks and pads fitted together come with a manufacturer backed 2 year warranty, against noise and vibrations.

Brake fluid is tested for water content on every service, and renewed where required.

All our services are performed to the highest standards, and All of our work is guaranteed. When having your brakes replaced, the calliper slider pins, and the brake pad carriers must be fully stripped, cleaned and greased, otherwise, the calliper, or pads can stick, and permanently rub against the brake disc, and wear prematurely.

We regularly find brake pads worn out in less that half the time due to poorly fitted and serviced brakes!

Cheap parts often begin to squeal, fade, or even warp and cause vibration when braking, worn out handbrake shoes, or faulty brake callipers can cause the handbrake to malfunction. 

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