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Diesel Engine Repairs

JS Autocare are based in Chorley, we provide Diesel fault diagnosis and repair services on all diesel engines, including common rail diesel engines (TDCI, HDI) from none start problems through to poor running i.e excessive Black smoke (smokey diesel) missfire, EGR fault, Reduced power and MPG .

Services we can provide include- injector testinginjector coding, ECU coding, Reflashing, injector cleaning, EGR cleaning, and MPG & power restoring service.

We have new equipment and technology for restoring the power and MPG of your diesel engine, a full engine cleaning and power restoring technique using the latest in chemical cleaning technology, done as part of an oil change, cleaning your complete inlet, injection and exhaust system including EGR valves and DPF filters from carbon and other contaminates and deposits without the need for hefty labor charges stripping components from the engine, .

Probably the most common and efficient Diesel fueling design to date; common rail.

Most engine manufacturers have or do use this system on there Diesel engines, but like all things wonderful great or small they break. without the correct understanding and equipment it can be quite a struggle correctly diagnosing and repairing one when it goes wrong!

Whether you require us to simply diagnose the faulty item for yourselves to then repair, or code a replacement item to the vehicles ECU / DCU we will be able to help.

It is very important before hand to be 100% sure the injector is faulty, so why not have us give you a second opinion too, we con perform an injector leak back test to determine if the injector is opening and firing properly.

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