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Vauxhall repairs and tuning remaps

For all your professional Vauxhall Garage services including servicing, diagnostics,  repairs and tuning including remapping and diesel economy tuning come to JS Autocare .


EGR valves cleaned and repaired, replacement injectors,  inlet manifolds cleaned,  lowering kits fitted, performance exhausts fitted, Performance or Economy Remaps, poor running and low power or map sensor faults cured.


Whatever your Vauxhall  needs, JS Autocare can help and advise, cdti engines clog up badly, and sometimes wont start, or sound like a bag of spanners when they do due to the bad design of the inlet and EGR system, Vivaro vans have a comon design fault meaning faulty injectors.


All vehicles can now be easilly Tuned/remapped for more power, or diesels can me mapped for an increase in MPG, or a bit of both.


So if you require a good service, repairs, or modifications for your pride and joy, or your daily work horse we can help!


01257 367839 James