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Vehicle Maintenance

Posted on August 18th, 2012 by james

It amazes me the amount of people who still don’t think about vehicle maintenance until its too late!
Also upsets me the amount of people who are still clearly getting ripped off by dishonest mechanics/garages, by being told they have replaced parts, or replacing the wrong parts due to miss diagnosis, and quite often they have not replaced or not needed to replace any of these costly components, and run up huge repair bills!


Please check on the ATA register that your mechanic or Garage is registered, a little like the Gas-Safe register, gives you confidence that this person has been assessed for competence, and signed codes of conduct, ensuring you recieve the best possible service, without being ripped off, and all round first class customer service!


Please stop…..think…. when was your car serviced? when was the brake fluid last replaced? what about your gearbox?


Maybe your car seems less pokey? or doesnt seem to manange as many miles to a full tank of fuel? do your brakes feel less responsive? have you even checked all your lights are working? including the rear lights and brake lights?


I see so many people driving around at night without a care in the world as they can see in front of them, but what about the people behind you??

Only having one brake light working can be distracting, and even go unoticed!


Servicing your vehicle is important as it saves components wearing out prematurely, or from clogging up, and helps the fuel burn more efficiently, getting the most performance from your engine, and in turn returning maximum MPG results, saving you money!


Also as a full vehicle inspection is carried out with any proper service, you also get the chance to find out the condition of other vital safety components such as the brakes and steering and of course the tyres on your vehicle, again so many people just drive without ever looking at their tyres, and i have seen some in scary & dangerous conditions.


Would you not rather spend a little every year for peace of mind and confidence that the vehicle you are driving is not a death trap?

If you are in Lancashire, call us now for a free quotation!

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