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Volkswagen T2-T3-T4-T5 van & campervan Specialist.

JS Autocare in Chorley are T2, T3, T4 & T5 van and campervan specialists, we can help with servicing, modification, repairs, tuning, split charging systems and just about anything you require for your Volkswagen van or campervan, including Aircooled engine rebuilds, TDI engine conversions and tuning.

JS Autocare have been specializing in all types of Volkswagen vans and campervans for over 20 years, from aircooled T2 through to the latest T5 .

T2 Splitscreen & Bay window

JS Autocare are your local VW Aircooled specialists, from engine rebuilding, diagnosing faults, servicing, tuning, suspension modifications, we are enthusiasts and experts in everything aircooled 🙂


Whether you call the T3 a T3 or a T25 doesn’t matter to us lol, air cooled or water cooled, petrol or diesel, we have enough experience of them all to assist in maintaining and modifying your vehicle and helping keep it and you on the road.


Lowering for your T4 with heavy duty 50mm springs costs just £185, we can lower using your own springs, but recommend to stay away from the cheap Ebay springs, as quite often they are not correctly rated for a van, and can sag very quickly.

Tuning is available for both the 2.5tdi (after 2000 via ECU remapping) and the 1.9td can be adjusted up manually via the turbo waste gate and fueling adjustments on the fuel pump.

We can also offer a TDi conversion service, and the ever popular 5th gear modification to the gearbox, engine upgrades are available, i.e turbo upgrades, fuel injector upgrades & Intercooler installations.

If you have a pre 98 van and are having issues with your dashboard cluster, usually dancing or failed fuel guage and temp gauge and flashing LED we can repair the unit for £30 plus return postage.


We have the latest equipment for diagnosing and repairing engine, gearbox, electrical systems and braking system faults.

Lowering for your T5 can be done with just lowering springs, or coil over kits.

Tuning available for all T5 vans and campervans via tuning through the OBD port for £170. This can include EGR delete and other changes in the ECU mapping for custom modifications.

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