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VW – Audi – TDi ECU economy tuning

VW – Audi – TDi ECU Remapping including economy tuning. From Performance upgrades, Increased MPG, DPF deletion, Cars or Vans,  All VAG models covered .

More often referred to as “chip tuning” or “super-chipping“. Your vehicles ECU programming is what stores the vehicles tuning data, this has changed the way we go about engine tuning, and it has never been cheaper to increase the power produced from your engine.

Vehicle manufacturers place restrictions on their engines performance for people who operate poor/long service schedules & or use poor quality fuels.  Optimize the performance of your vehicle by having us remove the limitations placed upon it, smoothing out power curves, increasing torque and BHP.

Modern ECU controlled vehicles allow manufactures to  reduce production costs, using one engine type in differing states of tune.   Creating alternative tuned maps for engines providing varying levels of performance or economy, means the manufacturer can untilise the same engine throughout the range which in turn means the higher output or more efficient models they can sell at higher prices.

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