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Audi Specialists in Chorley & Buckshaw.

We are your local independent Audi servicing specialist JS Autocare in Chorley.

We pride ourselves in providing a Genuine service, using genuine parts every time, for less than the main dealer, whilst providing better standards and customer service than all our competitors!

Based on the A6, Preston Rd, JS Autocare, Chorley, next to Doorway to value, we serve all locals looking for quality servicing and a customer service second to none.


Optimum Audi servicing using genuine parts and the correct oil is imperative to maintaining an economical and long lasting Audi.

All our combined Brake installations come with a parts manufacture backed 2 year warranty, Clutches (12 months) Exhausts (2 years), Steering and suspension (2 years).

Audi Diesel Economy tuning is also available for all Audi Diesel models, increased performance and increased MPG, saving you money, whilst transforming your vehicle and making it more enjoyable to drive.

“Audi D.P.F (diesel particulate filter) Servicing specialist in Chorley Lancashire”

Diesel Particulate Filter

If you are having trouble with your Audi’s DPF filter? We are experts in diagnosing and repairing DPF issues!

Experts in ECU re-calibration or more commonly known as remapping your Audi vehicle for increased performance and Fuel economy (MPG).

During our DPF cleaning service we make sure to clean the EGR valve at the same time, as this can be one of the main cause of the DPF filter blocking in the first place.


When the EGR valve clogs this can cause hard starting, poor performance and smoking issues. It is advisable to have the EGR Deleted via ECU remapping to save future issues.

Once we have finished the DPF cleaning service (BG intake) and EGR clean,(please read below) we also replace the oil and filter, a common contributor to clogging DPF filters is wrong or over due oil changes, and many garages not using a good oil flush during routine oil changes, we provide you with a more complete service when it comes to your DPF filter, as we know how costly they can be to replace.

Call for more information on DPF filters and our services.

Emission control components on modern cars get clogged up, and fail, and can cause poor running, and reduced economy. This can be caused by many factors, including :

  • Incorrect driving styles
  • Using the wrong oil
  • The Intake system clogging up
  • Carbon from the EGR valve and inlet manifold passing through the engine and into the exhaust system

This is where our new 4 way BG fuel-air induction service,  engine clean works best, by cleaning from the source (EGR), not just the end point, your DPF filter.

What is a DPF?

What is a DPF?? A diesel particulate filter (or DPF) is a device designed to remove diesel Particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of diesels engines.
The regeneration process occurs at road speeds higher than can be attained on city streets; vehicles driven mostly at low speeds in traffic can require periodic trips at higher speeds to clean out the DPF.

If the driver ignores the warning light & waits too long to drive the vehicle above 40 miles per hour, at higher RPM range the DPF may not regenerate properly, & cause the vehicle to “enter limp” mode causing vehicles performance to suffer, & sometimes costly repairs.

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