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Engine Performance Remapping

We are pleased to be able to offer performance remapping (chipping) for most diesel engined cars and small vans.

We can remap/tune your car to increase  BHP & torque, which in turn will improve MPG which is highly desired and useful with todays fuel prices.

We can tailor maps to suit you, even include modifications such as;

  • no EGR operation
  • Rev limit increase
  • Launch control
  • pops and bangs

Most vehicle manufacturers place restrictions on their engines performance to cater for people who operate poor/long service schedules & possibly use low quality fuels or vehicles used in extreme harsh environments.

We will optimize the performance of your vehicle by removing the limitations placed upon it, smoothing power curves, increasing torque and bhp this allows you to enjoy the vehicle to its fullest potential.

Modern ECU controlled vehicles have enabled manufactures to  minimize production costs,  adopting a more modular engine,  simply creating alternative maps for engines to provide varying levels of performance or economy which in turn the higher output or more efficient models they will sell at inflated prices. This alone shows you the tolerances available in a modern engine.

Before a remap or any form of engine tuning, we will perform a code read and recommend having our full engine performance restoration/tune up G.B intake service.

B.G intake service cleans out the engine internals, intake and exhaust system of all carbon build up, ensuring your car drives like new,  before things are Tuned, this helps your engine last and increases MPG.

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