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Smokey Diesel Repairs Lancashire

Smokey Diesel Repairs on all diesel vehicles across Lancashire,  Based in Chorley,  JS Autocare Specialise in diagnosing Smoking Diesel vehicles,  White smoke more often being due to a faulty injector, or miss timing issue,  and Black smoke usually being caused by restrictred intake systems, Starting from clogging up EGR valves, reducing performance and economy.


Our B.G intake service using B.G’s revolutionary carbon cleaning products are the only products available which can be used to restore the efficiency of your diesel engine.

EGR valve is removed in most cases and cleaned

B.G 109   compression restore engine flush is used in the old engine oil to clean the oil system.

B.G 245   Fuel treatment to clean and restore the effiency of the whole fuel system

B.G ISC   Intake System cleaner is injected at high pressure into the inlet manifold to break down all the acumilated carbon

Then the oil & filter is replaced, with B.G DOC , Diesel Oil conditioner to maintain oil condition.


More Detailed information below….

Problem:               Deposits accumulate on intake valves, injectors, ports, fuel injectors and combustion chambers causing loss of power, rough idle, hesitation, misfire, pinging, knocking,reduced mileage and hard starting issues.


Solution: • Clean fuel injectors • Clean throttle body • Clean plenum and air-intake • Clean intake valves and ports • Remove combustion chamber deposits •  clean exhaust sensors •  clean DPF filter(if fitted) • Correct balance of fuel and air in system


Result: • Reduced emissions • Restored horsepower • Increased fuel economy • Starts and idles smooth and runs quieter


This service is available for Petrol & Diesel Vehicles, some of the Products Used as part of the Diesel service  are described below……


Product: BG 109 Problem: High operating temperatures, reduced engine cooling and prolonged drain intervals take their toll on today’s automotive engine oils. Continuous thermal and oxidative breakdown contributes to oil thickening, heat retention and deposit formation. These heavy deposits can impede normal piston-ring function; thus reducing fuel economy, lowering power output, and increasing harmful exhaust emissions and oil consumption.

Solution: BG 109 with it’s proven “ring-clean” technology is tough on carbon, easy on engines. Increasing compression in as little as 10 minutes, hard carbon is removed, rings are free to move again, and overall engine balance is restored! BG 109 is harmless to seals and other engine components.


  • Removes carbon deposits
  • Restores compression
  • Lowers tailpipe emissions
  • Reduces oil consumption by restoring ring function
  • Improves overall power and engine efficiency
  • Harmless to oil pumps, seals and gaskets


Product: BG 244

Problem: High output diesel engines in modern automobiles and trucks are extremely sensitive to deposits that build up throughout the entire fuel system. Even small amounts of deposits that build up in injectors cause increased exhaust emissions, reduced fuel mileage, smoke, engine clatter, reduced performance and other driveability problems.

Solution: BG 244 is formulated to safely, rapidly and thoroughly remove deposits from combustion chambers, fuel injectors and the entire fuel system. It restores flow in fuel injectors. BG 244 restores fuel economy and performance, reduces exhaust emissions, smoothes engine idle and helps prevent costly repairs. It preserves that “like new” driveability to an engine and keeps it running better, longer and more efficiently. In only a few miles of driving, engine response is restored! This diesel fuel additive complies with the Federal low-sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles. Catalytic converter, diesel particulate filter and oxygen sensor safe. Contains no alcohol.


  • Cleans fuel system and lubricates fuel pumps and injectors
  • Restores fuel economy
  • Reduces exhaust emissions
  • Brings “like new” performance to the engine
  • Will not harm exhaust after treatment devices and particulate traps
  • Increases cetane to improve cold starting


Product: BG DOC (Diesel Oil Conditioner)

Problem: High operating pressures and temperatures increase the demands made on diesel engines (especially those which are supercharged or turbocharged) and upon diesel engine oils and the additives contained in these oils. New hydraulically activated fuel injectors expose the oil to pressures in excess of 20,000 psi (1,379.3 bar). “After burn” emissions devises like EGR increase the soot accumulation in the oil. These systems place a heavy burden on the oil and push its performance to the limits.

Solution: BG DOC is formulated with special diesel engine additives that maintain oil effectiveness during the extremes of diesel engine operation. Added to engine oil, BG DOC significantly helps maintain like-new engine power and performance. It prolongs acid neutralisation, prevents acid corrosion, reduces friction and wear, stabilises viscosity and prevents sludge formation through increased oxidation and soot control.

BG DOC is compatible with all petroleum-base and synthetic diesel engine oils including multi-grade.