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EGR Valve Cleaning and Repair

We can clean & repair your EGR valve from our Chorley based garage, just outside of Buckshaw Village.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves clog up & become faulty, causing symptoms like a Missfire, flat spots, sluggish performance, poor starting, black smoking on diesel engines, DPF issues, rough sounding & intermittant surges. Most times the EGR valve can be cleaned to operate like new, and not need replacing.
Another often cheaper way of dealing with failing EGR valves is to have an ECU remap, and blank off the EGR valve, meaning it never clogs up your engine again, Also costing a fraction of a modern EGR valve and cooler, it also helps keeping you DPF clean too.


Emission control components on modern cars get clogged up, and fail, and can cause poor running, and reduced economy. This can be caused by many factors, including : 

  • incorrect driving styles
  • Using the wrong oil
  • The Intake system clogging up
  • Carbon from the EGR valve and inlet manifold passing through the engine and into the exhaust system

This is where our new 4 way intake engine clean service works best, by cleaning from the source, not just the end point, your DPF filter.


What is an EGR?

Exhaust Gas Recirculation, for reducing NOx emissions, by recirculating some of the exhaust gasses back into the cylinders, only as this occurs, it also puts some of the carbon from the exhaust gases into the inlet tract, which can end up mixing with oil from the breathers, and form a black sludge/goo which can build up until it reduces the overall inlet ports, restricting the flow of air up to 75% in some engines. Engines are designed to burn fuel at a ratio of 14 parts air, to 1 part fuel, so as the intake system builds up with sludge, reducing it capacity, the stoichiometric mixture of 14-1 is massively reduced, causing a rich mixture, poor MPG and in a Diesel engines case excessive black smoke,(smokey diesel) caused by all the unburnt fuel from lack of air getting through.


We now have new effective ways of cleaning the whole intake and injection systems of most Petrol & Diesel vehicles, without the costly need for engine strip downs, or replacement parts, and just done as a comprehensive service,  ask for more information.

Have your EGR valve cleaned out properly and 9 out of 10 times it will save you the cost of having to buy a new one.

Call us for information on reconditioning your engine whilst it runs, for less than the cost of a main dealer service. 01257367839